Our team has flown over 1,000 surveys in 30 countries on five continents using both fixed wing and helicopter platforms. Our seasoned, professional crews provide significant experience having carried out airborne magnetic, gamma spectrometry, gravity and electromagnetics on every continent. Our quality data sets have been utilized in the exploration for base and precious metals, kimberlites, hydrocarbons, uranium, rare earths and water. Our expertise is focused on the acquisition and processing of geoscientific data for the exploration sector.

Where We’ve Flown

The map below shows a summary of these surveys on a variety of platforms and with a range of methods / capabilities. Terraquest can support multiple types of airborne geophysical surveys in many locations globally. If you require an airborne magnetic survey, airborne gravity survey, airborne radiometric survey, or airborne electromagnetic survey, Terraquest has the team, the platforms, and the technology to make your next survey project a success with Better Data, Better Results™.

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The USGS Story – Four Surveys and over 100,000 Lkm of Better Data, Better Results

Terraquest was chosen as an airborne supplier of choice for the United States Geological Survey in 2016 and subsequently flew three airborne geophysical surveys, and has recently started a fourth project for the group (July 2020).

The initial airborne geophysical survey for the USGS was a 10,000 Lkm horizontal magnetic and spectrometer survey in South Carolina for research purposes to characterize particular types of mineralization. The detailed nature of the horizontal magnetic gradient products (including the Reconstructed Total Field) and gamma ray spectrometer elements were fundamental to the understanding and interpretation of this particular type of mineralization.

With this success, Terraquest was further contracted by the USGS for a 66,000 Lkm survey of Central Missouri to study the rock layers under a region of the southeast Missouri and eastern Illinois, providing state-of-the-art, subsurface maps that will contribute to a wide range of 3D representations of the nation's exposed and concealed geology.

Subsequently, Terraquest completed a 33,000 Lkm survey with the same aircraft and with magnetic and radiometric systems to determine the geological framework surrounding known and potentially undiscovered critical mineral resources.


Thanks so much for your hard work on our survey so far. Your attention to detail, professionalism, and expertise is much appreciated. This will be one of the largest airborne campaigns the USGS has flown and the results will act as a showcase for our upcoming 3 DEEP Initiative.

- Anne McCafferty, USGS Project Manager

A Junior’s Story – Grassalco

Grassalco contracted Terraquest through a consultancy group to run an airborne geophysical survey in North America.


I am impressed that you were able to complete survey in spite of weather and airport issues so quickly. From a geologic standpoint, the data is great, and the client should be very pleased. It really does help the exploration.

- Dennis Lapointe, Consultant



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