Posting Date: May 06, 2022
Job Description for the full time position of

International Consultant

Terraquest Ltd.


Terraquest Ltd. is an airborne geophysical survey company which, for almost 40 years, has carried out high resolution geophysical surveys in over 24 countries around the world.

As Terraquest is seeking to broaden its scope of operations and services in the international markets, the enhancement and diversification of its managerial perspectives is critical need to successfully manage the implications of entering the frontier markets and safely operate in different jurisdictions and cultures.

Terraquest is seeking a unique person who has the demonstrated experience in developing new business opportunities on the international stage and who can bring a mixture of technicality/business development/operation management/risk analysis/networking/R&D with him/her into the company and help Senior management of the company to move forward with their strategic goals and targets successfully and safely.

Job Description

  1. Monitor the global market for emerging business opportunities and create a systematic dataset of potential clients.
  2. Utilize and expand an existing network to enhance the company’s reputation in the market.
  3. Participate in business proposals development using his/her successful business international experience to ensure that the highest possible scores can be achieved for new proposals.
  4. Perform regular research on new technologies/expertise/ideas which can be applied by the company to grow its market share or operate in a cost-effective manner.
  5. Participate in the business development and subsequent project performance meetings.
  6. Research, target and profile new areas in which the company can potentially work, including the socio-political, cultural, legal, security, limitations and accessibility aspects in a way to minimize operational issues.
  7. Research the technical aspects of potential projects such as geological setting, technical expectations of the clients, specs, standards and support the team to get the highest technical evaluation out of any project.
  8. Research and provide solutions of emerging issues or risks using the personal experience in similar situations.
  9. Develop a sustainability concept and advise management about how to make the company compatible with the new criteria, such as turning to a green business or minimize its environmental impacts
  10. Evaluate different aspects of business management and advice management on ways for improvement of the company in different ways such as: increasing efficiency in a team or applying a new management tool or technique.
  11. This is a full-time position requiring 40 hrs. /week to work out of the Markam, Ontario office
  12. Pay scale: $85,400 / year

Required qualifications for this position

  1. Hold a post graduate degree in the field of geosciences
  2. Have robust research background in the field of geology and geophysics
  3. Have experience in other fields such as business managements, risk management, sustainability, new technologies, etc.
  4. Have at least 3-5 years of work experience in the relevant industries such as mining or infrastructure engineering.
  5. Have at least 5 years of successful company management experience in a similar business.
  6. Have experience of being awarded and management of some large (over a million USD) projects with similar nature for international clients
  7. Have a deep understanding of both mining and the infrastructure sectors and how to do business in these markets.
  8. Have the demonstrated experience of working and participation in various international business communities and associations.
  9. Be familiar with the public, private, and donor agencies procurement systems in the frontier markets
  10. Have experience of being awarded and management of large (over a million USD) projects with similar nature such as USGS, EU countries Geological Surveys, US Army Corps of Engineers.
  11. Have a wide professional network
  12. Have full English proficiency

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